U13 Raptors
Sun 06 Nov 2022
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U13 Raptors
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Raptors bounce back

Raptors bounce back

Trevor Langford6 Nov 2022 - 19:40
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By Liam Monaghan

First and foremost - what a brilliant bounce back performance from the team today. Maximum effort all over the pitch from start to finish by every member of the team. Very proud.

Raptors and Arsenal MASSIVE!!!

I had a quick FaceTime with Gareth Southgate after the game and he said if the boys were older he would probably pick the whole squad for the World Cup! Maybe in a few years then hey!

Individual performances:

GK: Lucas - Was so unfortunate not to get his clean sheet today as he fully deserved it, however was a big performance with some great saves and absolutely great communication with the back line! Loved that.

CB / CM: Austin - Captain! And a captains performance it was indeed. We asked the boys before the game for lots of communication with eachother and he really stepped up and did this with some great encouragement. Topped off with 2 great goals and what a header that was for one of them!

LB / CM: OBJ - Great game again by this guy who is contestantly improving. Started at Left Back and put in a great shift. Very early on he was up against a massive striker and he had no fear at all - won the ball - played it out excellently. He also did a brilliant turn with the ball which in the end lead to a Goal. Fantastic!

RB / CM: H - A very composed performance again from H who played some lovely balls down the line in the first half to create some great chances. A couple of times the opposition tried to get round him on that flank and they clearly had no chance at all.

LM / RB: Connor - A brilliant and strong performance from Connor yet again. Was really threatening on the left in the first half and I know he doesn’t like playing at the back but he was so solid in the second half and didn’t even give the opposition a sniff. Very good game!

RM / ST: Jaspyr - I really do love watching him sometimes. His feet and skills are so lovely to watch. Had a great game, scored a couple of excellent goals and should have had 2 penalties. Brilliant performance.

CDM: Noah - He is really getting into his own on this role and absolutely owning and bossing it. Such strong cover for the back line to make it easier for them and even got forward a bit and had a couple of unlucky chances today. We asked him to pressure the opposition before they could shoot and did exactly that. Other team barely had a long range shot at all!

CM: Aadil - I would say this man was my MOTM today. Haven’t seen him play like this for a while and wow - today he was literally unstoppable. He won every ball and no one could catch him. 2 superbly taken goals and I definitely think it’s down to his new boots ?.

CM / LM: Alex - A great game from Alex yet again who does not stop running. Kept his calm all game and played superbly in the middle with Aadil and Noah. These 3 literally ran the game! And what a touch he has, showed it off a few times today!

ST: Luca - Was a frustrating game for this player due to his injuries and I know he definitely gets frustrated when he can’t do what he wants to do. His ankle was definitely giving him problems however he was so eager and persistent which paid off with a great goal! Hope he is on the mend!

ST: Harry - Fantastic game yet again! I thought he was brilliant today and was a constant threat plus he gave 100% effort and running all game. Such a shame he didn’t get a goal however 3 assists in a game is pretty impressive!!

CM: Gabe - Great performance and solid defensively today. Very calm on the ball which is great and definitely doesn’t mind a header! Controlled the midfield when he was on and love that he is always raring to go and ready when called upon!

RM: TJ - Excellent game today. Had some really close efforts with his beautiful free kicks which were very unlucky. Good tracking back to help cover when defending. And the assist for Austin’s headed goal today was a peach!

LB / LW: Calum - A really good performance from a player that played out of his normal position for most of the second half. Was really good defensively when played at the back then played some great football on with wing. Was really unlucky not to get his first goal for the club. Think he managed to chest it away from goal from 5 yards. I’m sure it will come one day!


Finley - Hope your ok buddy and on the mend as we miss you dearly.


Coach Coleman - Was quietist I’ve seen him for a long time. Anything coming out of his mouth was purely encouragement for the kids. Great performance today!

Coach Langford - Still didn’t have his white socks on show however we will let him off due to his fantastic photography skills!

Andy - Thank you again for running the line.

Tommie - Thank you again for reffing.

We move.

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